The Garage 2009

20' x 30' x 10' Garage

Although this project is asleep for the winter, it is alive in my heart and has been a long time coming.  My first garage on this property, which was going to be a staging area for the construction of my house, burned down in 1996.  After the fire, my direction was lost–and lo and behold a house emerged from the ashes (shown on my front page).  In the spring of 2010 I will start the siding on this garage.


The garage interior.

Having a place to keep my plow is so nice. I use to keep it covered with tarps; had to dig it out after the storms and pray that the engine would start. This is a 1986, 3/4 ton Chevy. Don’t ever buy one! It backfires and causes me ongoing headaches. I have tried to replace it, but in the time it takes me to find a reasonably-priced used one, I figure out how to get this piece of crap started. Usually, that happens by replacing plug wires that the leaking exhaust manifold burned out.

The big deal in this photo is the sheet-rock ceiling. I never dreamed the garage would be insulated, with R30 and 5/8″ sheet-rock installed  by now.  I had time to get this part done in November and December of 2009. The upside to the Recession is Lowe’s had a sale on 24″ insulation–30% off. These are 4 x 10′ long sheet-rock panels. I installed them myself with the help of my trusty back hoe, raising up the sheet-rock very carefully with the front bucket. I paid to have the garage door installed and it was done December 31.

The Back Hoe Shed.

Having a haven for my Back Hoe was a dream come true. See how happy it is? Check it out, there is a chunk of cement bolted to the front bucket for winter ballast, and I’ve added tire chains on the front and back. In the winter you can’t drive this thing around without all that. It’s a two wheel drive. I only use it for special situations in the winter, like digging out a stuck plow or using it to plow when the snow banks are too big, etc.

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